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Bitlocity Platform Review:

The first global all in one decentralized educational, technological, as well as rewards system. The domain ( was registered privately on the 28th of October, 2020. This is to be expected as most domains in most industries and niches are registered privately for exactly that reason…privacy. Let’s keep going… Bitlocity Overview BitLocity is an cryptocurrency-based company that offers numerous levels of commissions. These are earned by becoming part of their platform and then personally referring others to join as paid members. Something unique is that they have a crypto educational component to their system. It’s very basic and generic information that can be found anywhere online. But hey, it’s great that they thought to include it. Examples of their content are:

  • What’s Cryptocurrency?

  • What’s the Blockchain?

  • Crypto trading as well as crypto mining

  • and so on….

Bitlocity Registration Since the program is referral based you’ll have to track down somebody that is already a member and then sign-up with them. The minimum to get started is $25 USD in the form of Bitcoin. This allows members to get access to the 1st matrix package tier. This $25 is a yearly fee. The next step is to become commission qualified. In order to make that happen members need to purchase the Gold package tier which is a total of $150 USD (paid in BTC). Bitlocity Compensation Plan The Bitlocity comp plan has a few components but the main foundation is in the form of a matrix based structure on the blockchain. With their plan, you’ll find fourteen packs/tiers that you can buy. Note: They are cumulative, meaning you’ll need to buy them one after the other, and if you haven’t purchased a pack/tier, you can’t generate income from it. Basically, you have to own it, in order to earn from it. It is like having a tollbooth on a highway. Here is a list of the levels:

  • Bronze – $25

  • Silver – $50

  • Gold – $75

  • Platinum – $100

  • Pearl – $200

  • Amber – $500

  • Ruby – $750

  • Sapphire – $1000

  • Emerald – $2000

  • Diamond – $5000

  • Double Diamond – $10,000

  • Blue Diamond – $20,000

  • Ambassador – $50,000

  • Crown Ambassador – $100,000

Pass-Up Commissions (Aka Global Infinity Line) The Global Infinity Line commissions are based from the $25 and $50 levels. These are “pass-up” commissions based solely on your personal referrals and 2nd level members. Passed-up basically means that those members are deemed your personal referrals. Essentially you pass-up your third as well as your tenth personally referred members. This carries on down the line and any personally referred members will likewise pass up their third and tenth…and so on. Matrix Portion Bitlocity has fourteen tiers that members can be paid on in the form of a 3X1 mini-matrix. You need to be at the Gold level or higher to earn from these commissions. In the case that the member hasn’t purchased the level that gets filled, then those commissions get passed up to the next member that meets the criteria. This creates a sense of urgency to buy as many packs/tiers as possible, as quickly as possible. Keep in mind: Commissions generated by a members 3rd and 10th referrals are passed up. So basically, this will happen to you but also for you when it occurs below you by your personal referrals. How Do The Recruiting Payments Work? As mentioned above, this is for Gold or higher. First off, a $10 administration fee is taken, and then the remainder is used to payout direct referral commissions. If you 'own' a position that is equal or higher than the person you enroll you will receive 100% of that 'package' minus the admin fee. If the person you enroll goes to a higher position/package then you will receive 50% of the purchase minus the $10 admin fee. 3×1 Commissions Once again, this is for Gold or higher. Now I know what you’re thinking… What happened to the other 50%? Well, other than a $10 administration fee, the other 50% is used to paid to fund the 3×1 matrix cycler that has the immediate rank or position above that member. This is essentially a mini matrix with a 3×1 format. This places the member at the top of it with three empty positions below them. As one would expect, these empty positions get filled as referred members buy tiers. Here’s how it works:

  • Position one and position two create a commission for the member at the top of the 3×1 matrix.

  • Position number three creates a commission for the upline sponsor. Then a new matrix cycler position is generated for the member at the top of the matrix.

  • Members that cycle out of a matrix are then put into the matrix of the person that referred them. This repeats so long as members buy packs/tiers.

  • It’s important to mention that each of the tiers function as its own independent cycler tier.

  • Top Recruiter Pool

So here is another question I know you have… What happens with the $10 admin fee’s? Half of every $10 administration fee is placed into a pool for the top recruiters. Every month, the top 10 recruiters split this money. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st place gets 20%

  • 2nd & 3rd place gets 15%

  • 4th to 6th place get 10%

  • 7th to 10th place get 5%


So this concludes our breakdown on the Bitlocity opportunity. Bitcoin is always a hot term and with the recent gains it’s had, that will only help with drawing attention to this platform. Add in a decent compensation plan and you have Bitlocity.

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