To signup: 

Step 1). Open up your metamask wallet.

Step 2) Click the 3 bars top left

Step 3)  Click (( browser)) Copy and paste this whole link in the ( browser bar )

Step 4). Scroll to bottom and click
( Sign up )

Then enter this referral id# ( 38413 ). Back out my id# and type in 37879 and hit ( continue)

Then click blue tab 0.1 charge ).

Hit (Accept)

That’s the sign up process very easy.

Start up registration is 0.1 = $240.00 

Now you are signed up!!


 ***Then login and select (Binpro)

Now scroll down and pic your packages.  One of the 5 packages.

This is where you will enter my id# ( 38413 ) as your sponsor
Then hit ( BUY) 0.1 = $240.00

The 1st package you order will activate you in the (binary/matrix) and you can now start sharing and earning 15% in your binary instantly on your lesser  leg! 

This will be massive!!!!
This pays you in ethereum and lock in Etherlite at .12 cents

*** 7 minute video below explains the pose of OpenAlexa

The true power of the Openalexa Binary/Matrix pay plan! Ok everybody we all know binaries and we all know that usually one leg starts to get larger and runs away! Keeping that in mind look at the power of these numbers. Well, we add a matrix to that so that everyone can benefit instantly because our uplines have to help us build out on BOTH SIDES! 


Example you start placing people on your ( smaller/ pay leg)If you sponsor somebody on your pay leg as their personal sponsor.You earn 10% on their package they purchase! You also earn another 15% of what package they choose because they are on your ( smaller / pay) leg. That's 25%!!! Total on all the packages that you directly sponsor on your ( smaller / pay ) leg!


Here are the package break Downs!   Remember these examples are if you directly sponsor somebody into your lesser leg! You get 10% match plus 15%. Binary = 25%  total on all those packages!

Etherium packages(Bronze ) 0.1  = $244
Your 10% match = $24
Your 15%  binary = $36
Total 25%  you earn = $60(Silver).  0.3 = $730
Your 10% match = $73
Your  15% binary = $109
Total 25%  you earn = $182(Gold)  1 Eth.  = 2,436.48
Your 10% match = $243
Your  15% binary = $364
Total 25% you earn = $607.00(Platinum). 3 Eth. = $7,309.44
Your 10% match = $730
Your 15% binary = $1,095.00
Total 25% you earn = $1825.00(Diamond ). 5 Eth. = $12,182.40
Your 10% match = $1,218
Your 15% binary = $1,827
Total 25% you earn =$ 3,045.00! Your personals can order as many packages as they want to no limits!!  Everytime your personals order a new package you make this exact money again and again on whatever packages the buy! These payments are instant!! We need to share this so we can help so  many people earn incredible income!


Plus at the end of the day we are earning OAP and Etherlite for our money and both are going up in value daily!!